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Hey guys - you must read all of these rules and be familiar with them.


Wednesday 8pm - 11:30pm SVT
Thursday 8pm - 11:30pm SVT
Sunday 7pm - 11pm SVT

  • Read GMOTD (Guild Message of the Day) - Important information is put here.
  • Respond to calender invites - NO excuses.
  • Vent must be kept clear during progression fights.
  • Research progression fights PRIOR to raid time. VERY IMPORTANT that you look up specific class research on each fight as there are sometimes gimmicks you can use to your advantage.
  • If you cannot make a raid for WHATEVER reason you MUST let an officer know. You can do this through
  1. The guild site (afk thread)
  2. An in-game mail
  3. Through Skype
  4. If your internet is down, text or call Sarg

If you fail to abide by any of these rules your position will be put under evaluation.

Loot Council is the system we use. It is fair and provides the best outcome for progression, no arguments or complaints about loot will be tolerated, loot will improve the team regardless of who it goes to.

If you have ANY issues with the information above please let an officer know.

When applying to the guild, in the "Do you understand the guild rules" section, reply "I have read and understand the guild rules".
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